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Gallery - DVD's - Manilla Sky

See the sky come alive! 150 of the best paragliding pilots fight it out in the tightest Worlds Win in the history of the sport. Unbelievable and spectacular gaggle vision as pilots fight for the thermals.

"Manilla Sky gives us mere mortals a peak into the world of competitive flying"

- Mark's Paragliding more

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Wide Horizons finalist at French film festival!

With over 200 international entries, the 34th Coupe Icare Festival of Flight showcased the top 20 freeflight films from around the world. On the 15th of September, it was announced that Wide Horizons' Manilla Sky was a finalist in the film competition. Even though we were not the winner, it was still a great privelege to be a part of this amazing and exciting festival.

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